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STEP 3 – Fuel For Your Online Business

Getting targeted people looking at your product and services  every day is crucial.

Traffic (visitors) is the FUEL in your online business that starts your marketing ENGINE (sales funnel).

This is exactly what I’m going to teach you in this blog post.

Alright, so let’s go and break down your success formula and how to build a successful long term online business.

So far you already understand how to pic the right offer (VEHICLE) and why it’s so important to have your own custom wrapper for this offer (ENGINE), the system and strategy that drives this vehicle.


But you still need traffic to make money (FUEL)


To me, it’s the most important element here and it’s truly the key to success because, you can have the most awesome offer and a cool looking sales funnel but it’s not going anywhere without visitors.

You need to put this promotion in front of laser targeted people!

Make sense, right?

The first part that we are going to discuss and break down is the difference between FREE vs PAID and what we are talking about is marketing, there is lots of solutions of what you can do completely for free and lots of solutions of what you can do in paid advertising.

So with free traffic, we have everything from friends and family! I know it sounds funny and very “old-school” but this is what a lot of MLM companies are telling you to do.

I don’t know about you but for me, this is a big NO!

Another free traffic generation strategy is blogging. A lot of people blog and they have a passion for writing.

Perhaps you have a passion for writing and blogging is a way you can get to start producing valuable content to be able to drive the traffic to your offers.

There is also social media that you can use for free to get some attention.

But with every free strategy you actually have to invest a lot of your time. So it’s never completely free.

You either invest money to “buy time” or you invest more time into your business to get results.


Paid Advertising is The Key!


Now the second method which is one that I highly recommend is PAID TRAFFIC, even if you have to start off smaller.

When we are talking about PAID TRAFFIC, we are looking at things like Facebook PPC, Instagram, Solo Ads, Media Buys, and Google Adwords.

I personally like to use paid traffic generation strategies. At first it’s a lot more predictable and scalable.

If you find a source and good offer the game is over. Just get as many traffic as you can because you will make always more back.

There are a lot of different advertising platforms out there but I’m personally using solo ads.


Every traffic source is different and needs unique strategy usually.


I love to use solo ads because it’s simple and very predictable. If you find a solo ad vendor who’s traffic works well for you, I just keep buying.

One of the websites you can use to find tons of quality solo ad vendors is Udimi

  Click here to create your Udimi account for free


It’s a safe marketplace to get started. Of course you can find solo ad vendors from different Facebook groups and when you just google it.

Now what I want you to ask yourself is this “What’s more valuable to you?” Is it your time or is it your money?

No matter which way you go, paid or free you have to make an investment.

Either your money or time.

Make sure you watch the video above and see how I’m doing it in my business. Believe me there is more traffic you can ever buy and if you capture the leads you are investing into paid advertising the smart way.

You build your email list = money!

Feel free to contact me in case you have questions or need help.

Talk soon,

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